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GinkoLam 65" Laminator

Entry level Laminator in a width of 65".
Heat assisted laminator up to 60°C – 140°F
Single-sided lamination Simultaneous lamination and bonding
Installation of transfer paper on vinyl
Colored backgrounds
Mounting onto rigid board up to 1 3/4’’ thick.

A very affordable, and perfect kit for any workshop with occasional finishing requirements and is ideal to start a printing or sign business.

Its simplicity of use makes it a tool that can be used by all members of a team with excellent and valuable results in your sales efforts.

State of the art lamination station for eco-solvent, Latex, offset and screen prints.

A stand-alone lamination station for the finishing of your prints in eco-solvent, latex, offset and screen printing.

• Working width 165 cm (65”)
• Heated top roller from 30 to 60 °C
• Roller opening at 50 mm (2”)
• Adjustable working speed up to 6,5 m/minute (21 ft/mn)
• Manual feeding or from complete reels
• Adjustable pressure depending on the type of material being worked on
• Kala patented auto-calibration system for permanent pressure control
• Lamination, one-sided encapsulation in one pass, application of tape, lamination up to 5 cm (2”) thickness

AppliKator Laminating Tables

Since the introduction of the AppliKator on the market, KALA has set itself apart by being the first manufacturer to use electric motors to control the elevation and pressure of the roller. This choice of electric motors, instead of pneumatic ones, brings many advantages, which go beyond the simple elimination of a compressor and its inconvenience.

The up, down and pressure cycles of the roller are controlled by stepper motors, powered by low voltage. These operations are synchronized with extreme precision by a specially developed electronic control.

This technology allows the integration of a laser safety cell, which automatically slows down the descent of the roll as soon as an obstacle is detected, whether it is the hand of an operator, a tool, or the most fragile.

Featherboard will not be crushed, you will not have any sick leave linked to the use of your working tools.